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Having difficulties finding talent for your startups or contratual projects?

Browse our directory for engineers, developers, freelancers to match your ideal project requirement. View their profile and contact them for hire.


Are you a developer? Looking to collaborate with other developers alike on new projects?

Sign up and register your profile with your detailed skill set. Stop wasting time filling up your resume the old-school way. All you need is a minute or 2 to update your profile with your skill set to get noticed by employers/developers.


Why devly?

We know it can be a difficult and daunting process to find talent, especially the right talent for the job; it's a disease. We're the cure!


Control Over Your Profile

Unlike other job portal sites, you have control over having visibility of your profile.



We know how annoying it can be for you have to spill your entire life into a single page. That's why our service provides simplicity in terms of showing what matters the most to developers/companies.


Collaborate With Your Peers

Best way to link up with other developers, designers to collaborate on future projects, ideas.

Who is devly for?

Offload your details and skill sets aspects to us so you can focus on your collaborating, securing your talents.



Devly is mainly being build for software engineers/developers and freelancers.



We strongly encourage designers to use the service too to find talents on the UX/UI space.



Startups are always looking for talents. Devly will offer a platform for companies to find them.

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